If you have Bitcoin as digital gold, what is the point of Ethereum or any of the other alternative currencies? That would be a valid point if the only difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum were their names. However, the fact is that they are two very separate cryptocurrencies with quite…


ETH users are optimistic that the Ethereum community is buzzing about it, and crypto enthusiasts seem eager to see this upgrade’s changes. However, if you’re looking for a major catalyst and may drive the price of Ether, then look no forward. Then the much anticipated Ethereum 2.0. It’s a set…


Cryptographic money markets have begun to bounce back from a breakdown in May. The ADA coin price, which runs on the Cardano blockchain, has increased by %118 in the previous 30 days.


Have you ever needed to make a big decision? Maybe it’s where to go for college or even to go to college at all. Maybe it’s what car to buy. Maybe it’s who to marry or even if you should break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. These decisions are…


It’s one of the ultimate battles in the Crypto space. Which is better? Ethereum or Cardano? Which one is the better investment opportunity? Which one will ultimately win?

If you want a good understanding of how these two crypto powerhouses compare, then this is for you. …


Father, Holder and Researcher | #Arpa | #ETH |#ADA |Cardano |Twitter @primeidea

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